10 Simple Step by Step Nail Art Tutorials

We always need new ideas to make our lives more interesting and colorful, as well as for our nails. To get a perfect nail look, you don’t have to spend a fortune to go to the professionals. It takes your time and patience to follow a number of useful tutorials. You can choose a simple one as a starter. View 10 beautiful nail art tutorials with the photos below!

You may never have imagined that your nails may also have a fishtail braid. It is actually a fairly simple 3-color tutorial to work with. Choose a color as the basis and then draw diagonally across the line. Keep one stroke, the next on the right. After a few steps you get a beautiful nail look. If you want something fun, try our design with simple triangles. The dark blue base can add a modern-chic feel to your final style.

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Turquoise Nail Tutorial via

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