10 Clear Acrylic Nails That Are Really Hot Right Now In 2020

One of the hottest looks you should try this year are clear nails. Now you can think of clear nails? That doesn’t sound very exciting. However, this trend has turned the simple idea into a meaningful style! Now nail technicians are creating breathtaking manicures out of clear acrylic. The longer, clear nails look great, especially when worn with stylish nail art. To show how beautifully clear acrylic nails can be, we have found 23 ideas that are very trendy right now. Here you will find sparkling nails, floral art, unique designs and much more. If you have not loved this trend before, you will do it afterwards.

. 1 Clear acrylic nails with rhinestones

The first nail design we have to show you is so dazzling and glamorous! Here we have long, clear nails decorated with silver chips, glitter and rhinestones. It’s a nice mani and it’s perfect for the ladies who like to bling. You can recreate this or simply try to remove the nails with rhinestones.

: @philglamournails

. 2 Clear nails with flames

This next idea is one of our favorite looks! The mani has clear nails decorated with orange flames. Flame nail art is so trendy and it looks fantastic with the clear acrylic nails. This is a very stylish and fun look. Try a manicure like this or you could use different nail shapes. You can also use any color for the flame and ombre designs.

: @newmoonnailsbar

. 3 Clear Butterfly Nail Designs

Butterflies have inspired many nail designs, and butterfly nail art is so popular at the moment. This next idea shows how to wear butterflies in style! Some nails have a light purple hue and two are clear and decorated with pretty butterflies. This is a bold and beautiful mani. Choose a look similar to this or make all nails with butterflies appear transparent instead of the color.

: @longnailsdontcare

. 4 Flower nail designs

Flower nail art looks stunning when worn with the clear nail trend. Don’t just take our word for it, but consider this next idea. Here we have coffin-shaped clear acrylic nails decorated with pretty pink flowers. As you can see, the flowers with the clear base look fantastic and they complement each other perfectly. This is a beautiful nail idea that is ideal for spring and summer.

: @nailsbymaribel ._

. 5 Clear nails with gold foil

Next we have a manicure that combines some of the essential nail trends at a glance! Some nails are decorated with pink and purple ombre motifs and the other nails are clear with gold and silver foil. We love the combination of this nail art. The ombre is so stylish and the clear basis is so forward-looking. We also love the mixed metal foils. It is a modern and fun mani that will make a statement. Of course, you can create the look in different colors.

: @philglamournails

. 6 Cute clear acrylic nails with hearts

This next nail idea is so cute and pretty! For this look, two of the nails are clear and decorated with pink hearts, while the rest of the nails have an ombre effect. The hearts and pink ombre are such a nice combination! This is a stylish and easy to wear look. It would be a great mani for spring and summer and also perfect for Valentine’s Day!

: @toplinienails

. 7 Clear accent nail

If you love butterfly nail art, then you have to see this design too! Here we have another way to wear butterflies. This time the nails are light and sparkle with a clear accent nail. The accent nail is decorated with beautiful silver butterflies. We love the sparkle and the butterflies with the clear nails because the mani looks so magical! Nails like this are perfect for a special occasion such as a prom or wedding.

: @allurasaesthetics

. 8 Stylish, orange nail designs

Give your look a touch of color with nails like this! This mani features a stylish orange nail designs. Two nails are clear with additional gold foils and smoke effect. The rest of the nails have ombre nail art. This is a colorful and fun way to carry the trend towards clear nails.

: @huequeennails

. 9 Naked nails with clear tips

Next we would like to show you a very trendy nail design. This look is characterized by coffin-shaped nails that are bare and have clear tips. All nails are also decorated with sparkling rhinestones. The clear tips look great with the bare nail color. This mani shows in a stylish and unique way how to wear clear acrylic nails. Recreate this or use any color with the clear tips.

: @thalyanails

10th Glamorous clear nails with gold and pink art

Give your nails a super glamorous makeover with a clear design like this one! All nails are light pink and two accent nails feature Louis Vuitton nail art. The nails are long and coffin-shaped. We love this combination because the clear acrylic looks fantastic with this sparkling pink design. The colors and small LV logos are so stunning and create such a luxurious look. A mani like this, perfect for the occasions you want to inspire! Products used: Butterlicious and # 132 by Valentino Beauty Pure.