8 Special Occasions Hairstyles That Will Enchant You The Big Day!

Preparing for a party, an occasion or a romantic date. But who has time to enter the salon every time? 19 special occasions hairstyles are all you need.

1. Dutch Braid Crown and Messy Bun

Dutch braids can make such beautiful crowns that you do not need any more. However, this hairstyle brings it to a new level of amazement with a messy knot that works as a complement to the braid crown. The Dutch braid becomes a normal braid when it reaches the lower edge of the hair. He is pulled back and joined a super chaotic top bun that gives his overall look a carefree yet effective look. Easy to process almost, this is certainly our list of special occasion hairstyles. The best part of this, shared in the Instagram post below, is a good day at work!

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2. Back Tucked Braid with Front Flick

the charming element of this hairstyle while the braid is just behind the strip is glorious. The braid, which runs on one side of the hair, is also pushed back with the help of a few hairpins, which gives the updo more finesse. For those who love to keep it simple and keep their hair open for the most intimate occasions, this one is all you need to do. For an added factor of the spell, you can always do the styling with a few embellishments, light waves in the curls and voila! They are ready for the party. Check out the Instagram post and get your inspiration.

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3. Wedding Messy Bun hairstyle with ornaments

This great wedding day is undoubtedly the special occasion in a woman’s life – and demands special hairstyle to make you look no more than a queen. And this elegant hairstyle is exactly what your big day deserves. This voluminous updo has a thick fluffy plait crown that turns into a low bun as you approach the back of the head. The intentional imperfections of this hairstyle make it just perfect, especially the two flowing wavy strands of hair in front as well as the curvy shape of the bun itself. The spirit of opportunity comes with a fox flower branch that goes neatly inserted into the top of the bun. Go to the bottom pin to get your pretty hairstyle.

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4. Stephanie’s Wedding Hair Archive

Looking for a whole bunch of updos that suit different occasions and suits? This Instagram by hair & make-up artist Stephanie Brinkerhoff is your one stop destination for you. It’s so easy you do not even need a hairdresser to get the most done. From luscious pigtails and buns to intricate hairstyles that create the illusion of flowers and much more, Stephanie has you covered. In addition, she also shows how to decorate the updos with a variety of ornaments, and guides you through a detailed wedding hair chart. No matter what your hair color or texture is, you will undoubtedly rock these styles.

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5. Romantic low bun wedding hairstyle

If you think this is a common hair wedding, this one will surprise you with a surprise! This romantic updo steals the show with the free-flowing, loosely-made nature of the bun, which has been working on one side and twists the hair in a beautiful way. Some hairpins are enough to pull off the updo and do it all with great finesse. For the decoration, a delicate golden band-like crown is used to decorate the hair, which is fixed in the updo exactly in the upper middle of the hair. If you already love the romantic low brown, go to the pin below and get a deep insight into the same. Oh yes, whether your strands are long or short, you can always rock that style.

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6. Long curly formal updo hairstyle

Celebrate the curious magic of your curls with this stunning update that is not only romantic and special, but really versatile. To make sure that there is a clear center parting. For an effortless look, leave some long tendrils behind an elegant frame around the face. So work up the styling with loosely bound hair. Although this model is best suited for a round face with its elegant curls and “pinned-at-the-back”, its formal appearance will look good on all face shapes, especially if the curls are adorned with some brunette highlights. The Hair Styler wants to guide you through the updo in the following guide.

Style details: the hairstylist

7th Side Swept Hair Hidden in a Floral Clip

A super sweet alternative for you, if you can not go for braids or ponytails to work a styling of splendor! This updo keeps your look close to open curls, but with a slight twist. It applies to laterally swept hair and, while the front hairs are combed up. As soon as you comb your hair and turn it aside, you can start with a large floral clip with lots of pearls, delicate lace and pearly white feathers. V3.espacenet.com/textdoc? serve the purpose of capturing them and making them more beautiful the same time. To get a voluminous texture for this style, make sure to add big waves or light curls to the hair. Simple, but perfect for a special occasion!

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8. Super Voluminous Bun Updo

Who needs decorative elements if your hair looks like a total work of art? This super voluminous updo is a combination of smooth straight hair and pretty curls, with the crown and the front. The curls are curled up in a large messy knot, with several strands flowing down with ease. Tying the hair in a loose grip, twisting it further into a low knot is the key to forging the styling shown in the bottom pin. It makes you happy – it just makes you curious and it makes you happy!

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9. Low bun with a silver headband crown

There are times when you even add the simplest hairstyles, and the end result is a great something! This sumptuous bun is an example of just that, with a luxurious headband in a floral design loaded with pearls forming the main element of the styling. Best suited for light waves and straight hair, this one has turned a few twists for a plaque crown that continues to flow down into a low height bun with beautiful strands down. Adding a few brunette or dark brown highlights to your hair will make the styling even brighter, especially if you opt for a loose bun. A few hair clips and the selection of your headbands are enough to put together this updo and be the star of the whole celebration!

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