Dark Violet: The Trend In Hair For 2020

 Dark Violet: The trend in hair for 2020

Start the year as it should be, with a change of look to attract new energies and paint your hair with the new trend Dark Violet that many celebrities are already doing as Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj.

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Katy Perry

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One of the colors that has caused a stir in the history of styling is violet. In the 70s when the punk movement was born they used bright colors like pink, red, blue and violet to express their ideas and wore them in their hair as a symbol of rebellion. In fact, the violet color has humility, faith, sensuality, spirituality and power as meaning.

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Now, the color purple is not seen as a color of rebellion, but for the world of fashion and styling has become a trend and more if the tone is Dark Violet ; this color violet is more attached to the gothic and is perfect in a hair black if you prefer ombré or totally this color . It will give a touch of mystery to your style.

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It’s a perfect shade if you have dark hair, either black or brown, because it blends perfectly. Many renowned stylists and colorists have chosen to use this new color in their color palette. If you’re scared, you can try a color mask to see if you like how it looks, but if you’re too fancy you can take a chance and paint it. Remember that hair grows and color falls over time.

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Here are some ideas on how to wear it depending on your haircut you can make wicks, paint it or paint it completely. The question is to have fun and experiment.


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