20 Best Long Bob Haircuts Ideas 2020

Long hair is super trendy and versatile. Longer lengths are coquettish, feminine and can be worn in different ways. Women with round faces can still pull off a longer hair with the right cut and styling. If you want to add volume as your hair gets longer, consider adding more layers. Here are some of the best long round face hairstyles that will make your face slimmer and enhance some of your best features.

If you want to give your thin hair more texture or thickness, you should definitely consider one of these popular long-stripe bob haircuts! The long bob (also called praise) is when the hair length is below the chin and above the collarbone and cut like a bob. The layers are still hot this season. So, if you have long hair and are considering a cut, praise may be the cut you are looking for! Add some nice layers to add more movement and volume. Check out these Bob Hairstyles below to get your next inspiration!