18 Bob Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Who’s face is oval can afford almost anything.

1-Bob Hairtyle for oval faces

This is the first time you look at it, and it’s full of fantasy and fantasy. Provided you have good features and straight hair of course. In short, our facial features are well drawn and our face is oval, we can all venture a square.

Difficult to choose a haircut that does not harden with salient features. However, they do not paint wealth: well-defined cheekbones and jaws, clear eyebrows … All elements that should not be hidden, but rather as a showcase.

2-side pony

The girls with the salient features may opt for a sharp and wavy short square, a bold and very modern cut that will sublimate the curves of her face and underline the cheekbones.

3-Long Bob

However, make sure the “helmet” is not too clean and smooth. Whatever happens, the blurred and dynamic cuts and betting on the volume and movement of the hair, not to achieve the opposite effect and to harden the facial features.

4-side Swept Short Bob

Which haircut for a woman with an oval face? You ask yourself the question? Cosmo has the answer. Short Cut, Unstructured Cut or Wavy Square for an Oval Face: Jessica Alba or Blake Lively, you’re told what haircut rip! How do you recognize an oval face? To know if it is a cut fits you, it is important to know the shape of your face. It’s worth following the ideal hairstyle. This is called morpho hairstyle. Operation “Identification”: If your cheekbones are slightly over the width of your forehead and your chin is slightly longer: we are here! You have an oval face.

5-gray hair color