10 Simple 2020 Christmas Hairstyles To Wear This Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner and such a special occasion needs a great hairstyle! You can attend parties during the holiday season or just want a beautiful look that will delight family and friends on Christmas Day. We have put together 21 Christmas hairstyles for you to inspire you to festive hair. There are so many great styles and there is something for everyone. No matter whether you look chic and stylish or want to show the world your Christmas love with tinsel and balls. Check it out, you can even try them all in December!

. 1 Ponytail with tinsel

The first Christmas hairstyle we have to show is fun and festive. For this look, the hair is wrapped in a pretty ponytail with green tinsel. Hair like this is easy to create and looks so Christmassy. It would be perfect for parties and for Christmas day. You can also use any color tinsel.

: @ haarbyjordan.xo

. 2 Low and Chic Bun

If you are looking for a fancier and more reserved Christmas hairstyle, you should consider this idea. Here we have a low knot with loose hair in the front. It is an elegant and easy to wear style. Just keep it that way or you can spice it up for Christmas with little HaaRotel stones or maybe add some glitter. Instructions for such an update can be found online.

: @allana_elixirhaar

. 3 Festive updo

Christmas is the perfect time to brush your hair and this is a wonderful way to do it. The hair is a stunning updo styled with twists and the hair has been adorned with wintry berries and pearls. As you can see, the hair accessories look so festive. A style like this would be perfect for your Christmas party. You can recreate something similar or just use one hair type.

: @_createeducateinspire _

. 4 Elegant Christmas hairstyle

Look like a Christmas angel with this following hair idea. Here we have long, blonde and wavy hair. The hair is rounded off with an elegant headband, which is decorated with rhinestones. It’s an amazing hairstyle and it would be perfect for a Christmas wedding or formal event. Similar headbands and hair accessories can be bought online. Try this style or wear your dazzling headband with an updo.

: @dvir_tvik

. 5 Silver and gold hair idea

Silver hair has become a must-have look, especially for the winter season. If you want to try a Christmas style and color, this could be perfect. Here we have a silver hairstyle adorned with glamor and gold holly leaves. The silver color looks icy and the golden leaves give a festive touch. Hair like this will be a trendy change. Recreate the entire style, or try gold leaves with other hair colors.

: @greathaarbysarah

. 6 Braided bun with fairy lights

This next hair idea is one of our favorites! It is perfect for those who love the magic of Christmas. For this look, the hair is styled in a low updo and the hair is decorated with fairy lights. It is such a unique and amazing idea! You need LED lights that don’t get hot for this look so the style is also safe and festive. Create this updo or try out your own fairy light style.

: @oomphaarology

. 7 Pretty Vintage Style Updo

If you have a more festive Christmas event, consider a hairstyle like this. Here we have a pretty vintage style updo. The front hair remains loose and there is also volume in the upper part of the hair. On the back, the hair is styled into an elegant updo. Wear a style like this with a sparkling or red headband to look extra festive.

: @carlamacklehaar

. 8 High ponytail with a cute bow

Look pretty and Christmassy with a hairstyle like this. The hair is shaped into a high ponytail and has a black bow. We love the bow because it is stylish, but also perfect for Christmas. Wear a black bow for a chic look or a red bow for a bolder Christmas style. You can buy bows online. A bow would also look nice with a lower ponytail.

: @natalieannehaar

. 9 Simple and stylish bun

The next hair idea is simple and stylish. For this look, the hair is styled into a high bun with loose hair on the sides. As you can see, it looks stunning with this festive and bold lip color. This style is perfect for those who want to spice up their looks without being over the top. You can of course add Christmas accessories like tinsel or a bow if you want to make more of a statement.

: @dvir_tvik

10th Glam Christmas hair style

Do you want to look sparkly and glamorous this Christmas? If so, you should see this next hairstyle. Here we have a breathtaking updo with a festive green and gold sparkling accessory. A hairstyle like this would be perfect for parties, a more formal Christmas dinner, or even a wedding. It is a romantic and pretty style and the green gemstones complete the look perfectly. You can buy hair accessories like this online and you can also find tutorials for similar updos.