10 Rainbow Hair Ideas for a Brave Change

If you’re tired of it and want a bold and daring new hairstyle, try rainbow hair! Rainbow hairstyles sound exactly like that, they have many bright colors. To show you just how impressive these vibrant hairstyles can be, we’ve put together 23 of the most stylish and unique ideas for rainbow hair. You will find pastel colors, colorful roots, ombre styles and more. All this sets you apart in style from the crowd!

. 1 Beautiful rainbow hair

The first hair idea that we have to show you is beautiful and colorful. For this look, the hair starts with purple and blue shades near the roots and halfway the hair gets blond. Finally, pink and yellow colors are added to the tips. This is a beautiful rainbow hairstyle suitable for everyone.

: @shmeggsandbaconn

. 2 Rainbow roots

If you do not want your hair covered with rainbow colors, try a trendy hairstyle like this one. The hair has an elegant silver color and the tips have a hint of blue. The rainbow color, however, is everything at the roots. All the different colors of the rainbow have been added and as you can see, a vivid and unique style is created. You can emulate the silvery look or try rainbow roots with your natural hair color.

: @cryistal chaos

. 3 Vibrant Rainbow Stripes

Next, we have a very bold and vibrant idea for hair. This hairstyle is long and has stripes of different colors. The roots start to gray and then the hair turns purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and finally red. It is a stunning and expressive hairstyle and perfect for women who want a complete hair transformation.

: @cryistal chaos

. 4 Blue hair with rainbow tips

We showed you rainbow roots, but now it’s rainbowheads. For this look, the hair is dyed in a bright blue hue. Then the rainbow colors are added to the tips. Try this whole hairstyle or try the rainbow tips with your natural color. We love the colored tops because they are easy to wear and if you can not find the bright colors for you, the tops can just fade and outgrow.

: @cryistal chaos

. 5 Blond and rainbow colors

Maybe all the bold hairstyles that are full of color are not for you. If so, you need to check this hair idea. For this look, the hair is dyed in a bright blonde color with rainbow colors in a striped pattern. Although the colors are vibrant, there are blondes to soften them. You can emulate this rainbow look on every hair color.

: @maggiemh

. 6 Rainbow Ombre Hair

Our next hair idea has a stylish ombre look. The hair starts very dark at the root and then turns into a series of vivid colors. There are strong pinks, pastel shades, yellow flashes and more. This is a beautiful and trendy hairstyle that is also easy to care for. If you like the style, have the color reapplied, and if not, it will grow out.

: @shmeggsandbaconn

. 7 Rainbow Hair with a Shimmer

Do you want hair that inspires? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have long hair dyed with rainbow stripes. The rainbow stripes are also neon-colored and shine under certain lighting conditions. It’s a great idea and perfect for women who want to stand out from the crowd.

: @thehaarygodmotherr

. 8 Rainbow Under lights

Another cool color idea that you can try are sublamps. If the hair is underexposed, it means that the color is applied to the lower hair layers. If the hair is down, you will not really be able to recognize the color because it is on the underlying layers. Here is a beautiful example of rainbow underlights. The hair is very bright with rainbow stripes underneath. We love it, it’s one of our favorite looks.

: @cryistal chaos

. 9 Fiery Rainbow Colors

Next, let’s introduce you to a fiery rainbow color. The hair is a mix of tones that are purple, pink, orange and yellow. It’s a stunning color combination and will make a stylish statement. This is a beautiful version of the rainbow hair trend and will look great for everyone.

: @nealmhair

10th Magic Hair Idea

Our next hair idea is just magical. The hair is a nice mix of colors and it looks like it’s made for a unicorn or a mermaid. We love the used light and dark shades. Hair like this enchants your look and the actual haircut and style is also amazing. Re-create this look, or use a similar blend for even shorter hair.

: @shelleygregoryhair