10 Curly Bob Hairstyles That Are Trendy Right Now

Bobs are one of the essential hairstyles. In search of the perfect bob, you will find endless amounts of straight bob cuts, but what about hairstyles for the women with curly hair? Well, we’re here to help and found 23 gorgeous curly bob hairstyles. There are short bobs, long bobs, hair with tight curls, relaxed waves and more. Each of these products transforms your hair and gives you a trendy new look that will envy any hair! What are you waiting for? Look at the picture and take a snapshot to show it to your hairdresser! You will wonder why you have not tried shorter hair before.

. 1 Vibrant Red Curly Bob

First, we want to show you this chic, vibrant red bob. The hair has an elegant red hue and is beautifully curled. This is just an easy-to-wear hairstyle that is suitable for everyone and also looks adorable on any occasion. Restore this hairstyle or you can make it a little shorter. This style would look great in any color. The look was created with the Joico PowerHouse Rots.

: @stylistricardosantiago

. 2 Curly bob with bangs

Next we have a beautiful bob with natural curls. The hair is about chin-length and the curls are firm. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle and will look awesome even with loose curls. Even if your hair is not naturally curly, you can achieve a similar effect simply by curling your hair yourself. Tight curls can be created with a small and thin curling iron.

: @curlbehave

. 3 Structured curls

If you have long curly hair, why not consider a summer bob cut? This hairstyle is a great example of what you could try. The hair was cut so that it sits just above the shoulders and the hair was cut dry so that the hairdresser could see how the curls fit. Try this length or go a little shorter. The structured curls look fantastic for summer, a similar style gives you a remarkable look.

: @ashley_haarstylist __

. 4 Short curly bob with subtle highlights

Do you want to completely transform your hair? Then this is the hairstyle for you. The hair is cut into a short bob and warm highlights have been added. By giving your hair a trendy cut and adding highlights, it will give your curly hair buoyancy and burst your curls. You can add highlights to any hair color.

: @beautybyrudy

. 5 Curly Long Bob

You don’t have to cut your hair very short to try a bob, you can do a long bob. Praise is longer than the classic bob. So if you have your hair cut, you’ll still get the cool style, but it won’t change that dramatically. This is a beautiful example of a long bob. The hair is beautifully layered and styled. A hairstyle like this looks gorgeous for everyone.

: @briciaemilyn

. 6 Short Stacked Bob

Our next hairstyle is a trendy stacked bob. With a stacked bob, the hair is longer at the front and shorter at the back. There are also small layers on the back. This hairstyle shows how to wear a curly bob in style! The hair is highlighted and the curls are beautiful. Hair like this is perfect for summer or if you just want a chic new look.

: @emilyandersonstyling

. 7 Short blonde curls

If you want to spice up your look, then this hairstyle is just the thing for you. The hair is cut short, has bangs and it is a beautiful honey blonde shade. We love this hairstyle because it is curly and full of volume. It only shows its best side. A similar hairstyle looks fantastic in any color.

: @christinechavezhaar

. 8 Short curls with red highlights

The next hairstyle we have to show you is pretty short. This look is characterized by a beautiful curly cut, with the hair length just above the chin. It’s a trendy short hairstyle and perfect for women who want to change their hair completely. This is another style that’s great for summer as it keeps you cool. Try similar funky colors or cut a hair color of your choice.

: @emilyandersonstyling

. 9 Trend-setting short style

Next we have a bold hairstyle that shows how to wear a few trends in one cut! Here we have a short curly bob that is styled with side bangs and unique highlights. This is a cool and trendy look, perfect for brave ladies who aren’t afraid to experiment with their curly hair. You can recreate this curly bob with any highlight color.

: @ isaac4mayor

10. Honey blonde highlights

Are you looking for a way to improve your curls? How about some light highlights? Adding some (or many) bright highlights can burst your curls and add some dimension to your curly hair. Here we have a cute bob with warm honey blonde highlights. This is a chic and easy to wear bob that fits everyone. Honey blonde highlights are not as powerful as other, lighter shades of blonde and are perfect for brunettes switching to blonde. A similar blonde is also perfect for someone who wants to try a blonde for the first time.