10 Beautiful Long Wavy Perm Hairstyles

Getting a perm can be scary. Of course they do not last forever, but permantly change the texture and style of their hair for up to six months. This is a long time to come with a hairstyle that you do not like when you are dissatisfied with the perm you get.

Thesis ten wavy perm hairstyles are for women with long straight hair who want to make their locks wavier or curly. Stylish, flattering wavy perm hairstyles . If you find a style that suits you, show it to your hairdresser to give it a clear idea of ​​what you want to look like.

1. Brown Wavy Perm with a middle part


This wavy perm look is a flattering, manageable style that’s perfect for everyday wear. Its blunt midsection creates a relaxed girl-by-door style and holds the same volume on both sides to prevent a clumsy, frizzy, asymmetrical look.

dark brown perm dark brown perm

2. Messy bleached wavy Perm


This curly bleached perm is breathtakingly beautiful. Its tight curls add volume to your hair and frame your face to accentuate your facial features.

Its bleach blonde tone draws attention to your style with its bright, striking finish. Scrunch your hair back with texturizing spray and brush to create the trendy, messy hairstyle from the picture above.

3. Curly Cool Blonde Perm Updo


This curly, gray-blonde perm is elegant and stunning. Her cool blonde coloring is ultra-trendy and flattering for a variety of skin tones. The half-up-half-down style shown in the picture above is perfect for a date, a party or a semi-formal event.

Uploading this updo is surprisingly easy. Tie a small section – remove the hair from the front layers – with a hair band in any color of your choice. Leave a few strands of hair on the front and put on a decorative headband on your head. Comb the texture spray with your fingers through the hair and lightly wrinkle the ends to add more volume to the style.

4. Sutble Welly Perm with warm tinted balayage


This wavy perm provides loose, relaxed waves that create a subtle, natural look.

His warm-toned balayage offers shades of Auburn with mixed honey blonde highlights. This color enhances the warmth of your skin without disturbing the natural look of this style.

5. Natural Blonde Perm with loose waves


The waves in this perm are loose and wide, creating a natural style with lots of volume.

Its light side panel is subtle yet trendy, and its warm blonde tone is light-hearted and stylish. This uncomplicated perm is easy to use and makes fast and easy everyday.

6. Tousled Welly Perm with highlights


This wavy perm is characterized by subtle highlights and looks impressive on a variety of hair types.

Its loose, wide curls are super easy to handle and do not look over the top. Smooth, dazzling, blonde highlights combined with dark roots give this a touch and even more natural look.

7. Bright Blonde Wavy Perm updo with dark roots


This formally wavy perm is elegant and beautiful. Its voluminous, secluded style with curly, loose strands is suitable for formal or semi-formal events, but does not look too jammed.

The bright bleached tone of this perm is stylish, modern and eye-catching. Its darker roots frame your face, drawing attention to your facial features, making it more fluttering for a woman with a choice of skin tones.

8. Voluminous bleached wavy Perm with a middle part


This voluminous wavy perm has a trendy, bleached tone that sets it apart from similar styles.

It is also a very manageable style – it contains about an inch of darker roots that blends seamlessly into coolly tinted blond bleach. This targeted root paint looks more natural and allows you to wait a little longer in your salon. This will save you money, effort and time.

9. Ombré Perm with loose, relaxed waves


If you want to make your own hair every morning, but do not want to risk a frizzy, poodle-like perm, try this loose perm.

It’s a relaxed finish that can be done on a single day. His graduated Balayage Ombré tint fades from dark to pale blond with a warm honey tone in between. The ombré style gives this perm style a trendy, modern finish.

10. Slicked Back Bleach Blonde wavy perm


Perfect for a semi-formal event, if you want to look elegant, but keep your hair, this bleached back is bleached perm both eye-catching and professional.

Its bleached hue gives this style, which still looks elegant, a trendy, bold touch. The resilient waves of this perm is a fluttering volume in your hair, even when it’s been stroked back from your face, as in the picture above.