15 Short Brown Hairstyles for Women

Brown is a very versatile hair color. It looks good on almost everyone and there are many types or varieties that you can add. Some popular shades of brown are Ebony, Copper, Chestnut, Honey, Golden Walnut, Dark Auburn, etc.

Short hairstyles or hairstyles looking good on almost all shades of brown. Search hairstyles give an illusion of thickness and volume. But many people tend to make the same old boring short haircuts that have gone out of style during this time of trends and fashion. That’s why; We have put together 15 hairstyles to give you an idea of ​​the latest trends in short hairstyles for different shades of brown.

1- Short brown hairstyle

With this short brown hairstyle, it’s a breeze to prepare for the trip! As you can see, this style requires black roots with a brown wave bob. So simple and yet still has a lively effect. There is almost no maintenance required and you can attend both occasions and formal events with the same look. Highly recommended!

2- Beautiful pixie

This short hairstyle is very sweet and looks perfect on brown hair. It’s a bit different than the normal short pixie cuts. This haircut is not spiky layered. Rather, this beautiful pixie haircut has loose but short layers that give off a ’70s vibe. This is definitely a must try hair style for this season.

3- Messy Brown Praise

Praise Haircut Means A Bob Haircut But Longer In Length. Praise cuts are usually held just above the shoulder. This messy brown hairstyle features a praise cut that has rough, messy layers. The imperfection of everything makes hairstyle very coquettish and beautiful. Such a style looks good in all shades of brown, but fits best with dark, brunette hair.

4- Balayage Pixie Bob Style

Balayage is a kind of hair dyeing technique. We all know what highlights are on your hair. Balayage is a child of highlighted hair, but it has a soft touch. In this hairstyle, the highlights are less noticeable than the usual highlights. This hair color goes well with a short pixie bob cut. This is definitely a fun and carefree hairstyle to try.

5-Ashy Blonde Long Bob Style

This beautiful hairstyle features on ashy blonde or a light brown hair color. It is complemented by a regular bob haircut that fits right over the shoulders and framing the face. You can complete this look by adding subtle waves or curls to the hair. This gives you extra dimension and makes your hair look healthy and voluminous at the same time. Perfect for a beach holiday in the Bahamas!

6 caramel highlights

7- Millie Bobby Brown hair

8- Purple lights on dark brown hair

9-Stunning Angled Round Bob

10- Dark chocolate brown short mane

11-Pixie Wavy cut

12 – Short Haircuts with Oblique Pony

13- Side and Rear Shaved Boy Cut

14 – Nice look

15 – Messy Balayage Brown Hairstyle