10 Trendy Brown Balayage Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Balayage is a technique for highlighting and dyeing hair that has become more and more popular in recent years. This unique dyeing technique involves painting your hair in a personalized, graduated style.

Most women who get balayage have pretty long hair . balayage styles are designed for women with longer curls. If you have medium-length hair and would like to try Balayage for yourself, check out the ultra-trendy Balayage styles in this post to be inspired.

1. Warm Balayage Medium Hairstyles with Dark Blonde Ends


If you want your hair to look very natural, try this subtle balayage style .

It has no strong, drastic color shifts. Instead, this style gradually fades from a warm, dark brown at the ends of a warm blonde at the end of a trendy finish that captures the essence of classic balayage without being too severe.

2. Blonde balayage shoulder length hairstyles with dark roots


If you want to be a blonde without appearing as a fake or a date in your local salon every three weeks, this balayage look could be the perfect style for you.

The brown roots of this style fit seamlessly into his natural looking blond ends. Dull, rooty appearance.

3. Warm Balayage with Rose Gold Highlights


This beautiful, brown honey Balayage hairstyle is skilfully blended with transitions for a smooth, graduated finish.

Its mid brown to dark blond fade is flattering to most hair colors and styles, and its rose gold accents give it a unique, trendy finish that sets this mid-wave style apart from other balayage looks.

4. Medium brown balayage hairstyles with bright blonde highlights


Although it contains several strong shorts between brown and light blond, this balancing style still looks effortlessly smooth.

Its mid-brown roots require a very rare care in the salon, and the light blonde highlights provide an elegant, striking finish.

5. Dark Balayage Medium hairstyles with red highlights


break break break break break make red flattering for everyone.

Its dark brown roots naturally turn into warm red and pink accents that brighten up your hair and create a happy, cheerful color that does not look too outward or ultra-fake.

6. Light Blended Balayage Hairstyles for Fine Hair


The Majority of Balayage Styles Include dark brown, but the darkest color in this look is a medium honey tone. This style is ideal for women who naturally have light hair and do not want to be drastic darker.

Its light brown roots are forgiving, so you do not have to worry too much about planning salon meetings for touch-ups. These light brown roots fade into warm-toned honey auburn highlights and bright blondes. The smooth, blended transitions and graduated color scheme of this style create an impressively natural look for women with natural hair.

7. Classic graduated balayage with Auburn highlights


Like the Classic Balayage Styles this look offers multiple graded colors for a natural-looking finish.

This style fades slowly and gently from the dark brown to the bright, fair blond at the ends. It even contains beautiful, flickering Auburn highlights in the middle of this different look from other traditional balayage hairstyles.

8. Dark brown balayage with cool blonde ends


This unique Balayage Medium hair style combines dark brown roots with gray-blue ends to a clear, trendy color. Plus, its naturally rooty appearance does not require too much salon maintenance.

His dark roots quickly turn into a gray-blond tone. This graduated look fits in very harmoniously despite its abrupt, strong color shift.

9. Graduated red-tone balayage with dark roots


Bold balayage hairstyle meets this challenge with flying colors.

Of course, if your hair is very dark brown or black and you do not want to be too much of your natural hair color, consider this balayage style. Its dark roots fade into an unexpected – but very flattering – red hue in your mid-stem. This red snakes beautifully in a warm yellow blonde that blends beautifully with the super dark roots of this style.

10. Natural Honey Auburn Balayage Hairstyles


The warm, honey-brown tones of this balayage create a unique style that enhances the brightness and shine of warm skin tones. This is an excellent choice for women with warm skin tones who want a warm balm.

Its roots are dark brown to look more natural, but the shade of dark brown for the roots is still warm. The dark roots naturally morph into lighter, honey brown accents.