10 Ideas For Brown and Blonde Hair To Imitate 2020

Two of the most popular hair colors are brown and blonde. Many women are either blonde or brunette, but what if you combine the two? Brown and blonde is such a breathtaking color combination. Both colors are available in many shades and complement each other perfectly. Not only that, but blonde is a nice way to lighten and lighten brown hair. So if you are a bit bored and think it could be a makeover, this is the place for you. Check out these ideas for blonde and brown hair for inspiration. There is a cut, a color and a style for everyone.

. 1 Classic brown and blonde hair

The first hair idea we want to show you is a classic blonde hairstyle. So the hair is a beautiful brown shade with additional light blonde hues. Hair like this is easy to wear, fits everyone and gives your brunette hair a sun-kissed look. This color is ideal for women who want to spice up their dark brown hair.

: @the_blondologist

. 2 Brown and golden blonde hair

There are so many shades of blonde, and one that goes perfectly with brown is golden blonde. Here’s a stunning example. For this look, the hair is long and the color from root to tip is dark brown. Golden color was then added across the top. As you can see, the warmer and richer blonde just looks fantastic. It also looks more natural what many women want.

: @ haarby.ashleypac

. 3 Braun and Blonde Ombre

Another color option you can try is ombre or balayage. Ombre has a clearer line between colors and balayage is more mixed. You can create the following style. The hair is dark brown and changes to a light blonde shade halfway. It’s a beautiful and trendy ombre style. Try something similar or add more color to the hair root for a more harmonious look.

: @breakingbronde

. 4 Brown bob with blonde highlights

Next we have a stylish bob for you. The hair is cut fairly short and the front would be chin-length or just below it. It is a very dark shade of brown and beautiful blonde highlights have been added. We love this style because if the cut were just brown it would be very dull and striking. While the highlights make it softer and give the hair a chic look. Try the warmer and more natural blonde, or you can get lighter and brighter for a bolder look.

: @domdomhaar

. 5 Caramel Blonde Hair Idea

This next hairstyle has several shades of blonde. As you can see, the hair in the lower layers is dark brown, while the rest of the hair is blonde. There is a mix of cool and warm tones like gold and caramel blonde. The dark caramel blonde looks stunning. You can recreate this look for a summer style or just try the combination of brown and caramel.

: @michaelgrayhaar

. 6 Beautiful light blonde and brown color

If you want the blonde color to come into its own, this is the one for you. Here we added long brown hair with light blonde color over the top. As you can see, the color difference is more pronounced when tying the hair together. It’s a cute and stylish look. Try a similar style or you could make it even lighter. An icy blonde would look so trendy.

: @ haarby.ashleypac

. 7 Chic short cut with blonde highlights

Next we would like to present you another idea for short and chic hair. For this look, the hair is chin-length and mostly brown. The blonde color is added very subtly. Most of the blonde is around the front of the hair, which frames the face beautifully. This is just a stunning color and a beautiful cut for everyone. This is ideal for women who want a complete hair transformation.

: @domdomhaar

. 8 Brown hair with blonde highlights and bangs

Are you considering changing your hair by adding blonde? Why not add pony too ?! Here we have a brown and blonde idea with bangs. The hair is medium length with blonde strands and the strands have also been added to the bangs. As you can see, it’s such a beautiful style. Restore this, or you can achieve lighter or even side bangs.

: @romeufelipe

. 9 Bright Blonde Hair Idea

The next hairstyle is another trendy statement maker. The hair is very dark at the root, then it turns lighter and the color changes to a very light blonde. It’s such a bright color change and the mix between the colors is breathtaking. If you want to spice up your hair then this is a stylish way to do it. Try the style and cut it because it is beautiful!

: @natalieannehaar

10th Dark brown hair with multi-blonde highlights

Next we have another multicolored look. Again, the hair is very dark at the root, and as soon as you come across this color change, other shades are added. There are lighter shades of brown and several shades of blonde, both cool and light. It’s a nice mix of colors. Since the color is only in the middle, you have the option to change your mind as it grows out easily.