10 Best Red Highlights Ideas For 2019 – 2020

One of the simplest and most elegant ways to spice up your hair are highlights. Highlights can be created in any color so you can try a new color, and they grow out easily if you choose a different shade. A popular and stylish color that women love about their hair is red. So we decided to combine the two and found 23 of the most beautiful red highlights. There are strong colors, spicy tones and much more. Check this out, you’ll be booking your next hair appointment soon to try one of these gorgeous red hairstyles.

. 1 Spicy red highlights

The first hair idea that we have to show you is piquant red highlights. For this look, the hair is black with a bold red color added to the hair. Black and red complement each other perfectly and the contrast between the two colors highlights the warm and lively red. This is a beautiful hair idea and it will suit everyone. You can choose less red for a more subtle look.

: @amyhaarspray

. 2 Bright red highlights idea

Next we have a bold hairstyle for you. The hair is darker at the root with red highlights and the shade of red changes towards the tips. You can recreate this lively look or keep the roots dark and choose one of the two shades as your own highlights. In any case, your hair looks beautiful.

: @mericamilla

. 3 Black hair with red highlights

If you have dark or black hair, you can try out such highlights. The hair is highlighted in black and red. We love the red hue that looks fantastic and fits everyone. Since the color only begins in the middle, the hair is easy to care for and if you don’t like the red, it grows out easily.

: @haarbynathi

. 4 Burgundy highlights

The next highlight idea that we have to show you was described as a dark chocolate cherry. The hair is black and the highlights are a dark cherry red shade from which the name comes. This is a stunning hair idea and it’s perfect for women who want to try red but don’t want bright and bold tones. Hair like this looks great for everyone.

: @paintedhaar

. 5 Strawberry Highlights

Maybe you prefer the lighter shades of red? If so, you have to try this next look. Here we have strawberry red highlights. The hair looks black and a lot of red color has been added. It is a stunning and stylish hair idea that will make you stand out from the crowd. You can recreate this hairstyle or try adding less red for a more subtle look.

: @glamiris

. 6 Rose highlights

Next we have a breathtaking hair idea. Here we have highlights called Rosè. The red color is toned down and not as vivid as some other shades of red. This is perfect for someone who wants to have a trendy and unusual color or for those who are trying out red for the first time as it is not that bright. Recreate this, or try fewer highlights and leave it from root to tip.

: @luzie_the_balayage_artist

. 7 Stylish and slim hairstyle

There are many different shades of red that you can try. We saw dark tones, light red tones and now it’s time for copper-colored red. Here we have a slim and stylish hairstyle that sets bright copper-red accents. It is a vibrant color choice and a great shade for anyone who wants bold and expressive hair.

: @luzie_the_balayage_artist

. 8 Sangria Highlights

Our next hair idea contains red highlights called sangria. These highlights are a nice red wine color. The highlights are not as vivid as some others, but that really highlights the color. It is a unique color idea and it will suit everyone. We love this color because it is red, but also purple.

: @tangledupinhaar

. 9 Bright red highlights idea

How the warmer and sharper red colors? Then this hair idea is for you. Here we have black hair with additional beautiful red highlights. We love this color because it is so bold and meaningful. Highlights like these give your hair a new shine and bring your hair from gray to gray.

: @foxandjane

10th Vibrant red appearance

If you love the dark red colors, check out this next look. Here we have red highlights that have this beautiful red wine tone. These are a bit like the sangria highlights, but the color is richer and more vibrant. Highlights like these are ideal for women who want a stronger and more striking red color.

: @luzie_the_balayage_artist