10 Minimalist and Elegant Office Outfits

We leave you 10 minimalist and elegant office outfits with which you will look super simple and elegant, you they will love it.

 10 minimalist and elegant office outfits

Discover what are the key garments for adopting minimalist fashion this 2019. We leave you 10 outfits of minimalist and elegant office fashion with which you will look super simple and elegant, you will love them.

Do you know what is minimalist fashion ? Just try to combine simple clothes and transform them into elegant looks. Basic garments, neutral colors and accessories that complement without saturating. Check these ideas and take them to your office, you will look formal without having to waste a lot of time choosing your outfit.

1. White shirt and jeans.
The white shirt is a must for this minimalist look especially if you combine them with mom jeans at the waist. Try to make it cotton and perfectly ironed, that is the key. Combine with simple mules or heels and small accessories to look more elegant.
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2. Blouses or shirts in dark tones.
Remember, you can make variations on your minimalist outfits by changing the color of your clothes as long as they are neutral colors, in this way you will always look elegant. Combine with mules or low shoes, they will give your look a more chic touch.

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3. The patterns are worth it!
In minimalist fashion it is worth using patterns, just try to make them two neutral colors. You can play with dots, lines or figures that, when combined with your jeans, continue to look simple and elegant.

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4. Neutral sweater and pants.
If you want to change the jeans for another garment, opt for comfortable pants with ankle height. In cold weather you can combine with white sweater and wear white sneakers to feel comfortable; yes, try to be white and impeccable.

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5. Cardigan
The cardigans are perfect for the rainy season since you can wear a white shirt and take off or put on your sweater as many times as you want while still looking minimalist and elegant. Wear a maximum of three neutral colors on your outfit including your pants. Read: 10 elegant office dresses that you’ll love

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6. Total looks
Total looks in neutral tones make you look more elegant, especially if you have an important appointment in the office . Preferably wear black or beige variations, you will look more formal than with total looks in gray.

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7. Trench coat
They are the perfect complement to wear minimalist and elegant fashion outfits for the office . Wear a beige one to further enhance your look if you wear dark jeans or pants.

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8. Pictures
Plaid garments in neutral tones can be minimalist outfits if you wear them in neutral tones; Combine jacket and pants to bring a complete outfit to match. Mark your silhouette with the help of a belt or kangaroo and complement with a small bag. Read: 10 flat, elegant and modern shoes to go to the office

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9. Spaghetti strap dress
If you want to wear a dress and forget about jeans for a while, look for one of thin straps in bright fabrics to look much more elegant. Of course you can wear a dress to the office and to make it more formal you can add a sack or a belt to your minimalist outfit.
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10. Skirts and sweaters.
Another great option is long or midi skirts. You can look for a thick one so it doesn’t have much movement and combine with a thick sweater. Elegant and simple.

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