10 French Style Outfits to See You Elegant

If you want a sophisticated look then here in Woman of 10 we show you these 10 French style outfits to see you elegant

 10 French style outfits to see you elegant

10 French style outfits to see you elegant

Something that the French know how to do perfectly well is to have an impeccable style, elegant but at the same time simple.

And in Woman of 10 we admire the Parisians and that’s why we want to give you some of her best tips and fashion tricks to To be able to go everywhere and always look spectacular.

Check out these 10 French-style outfits to see you elegant

Let’s start with the most basic that are jeans, prevents them from being very broken and not very tight, combine them with a simple blouse and 2 to 3 accessories.

If you want something more elegant and perfect to go to the office, then the pants are for you, look for black or dark blue, and combine them with natural colors and not very striking, some shoes oxford style and if it’s cold a coat or coat

Try different colors of pants to change your look a bit, and don’t forget to occasionally add a beret to have the perfect Parisian outfit

Skirts are also perfect for a elegant style but to make it more French what you need is a light and flowery skirt, a pair of comfortable shoes.

And if you want something more casual you can wear a denim jacket

Finally, let’s talk about dresses, they are usually the perfect garment to look elegant, the French look for light dresses and loose to be comfortable all day.

Forget the heels and combine them with some tennis shoes or comfortable shoes, so you can combine without hurting yourself

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