10 Fashion Costume Ideas for 2020


In Woman of 10 we tell you what are the best fashion costume ideas for 2019, check them all here and choose your favorites

 10 fashion costume ideas for 2019

10 fashion costume ideas for 2019

Halloween is just around the corner and we must be preparing our costume and for that same reason in Woman of 10 we give you some costume ideas that are in fashion and that may be perfect for this year

Check these 10 fashion costume ideas for 2019

Let’s start with the costumes that we know everyone will want to wear, thanks to the success of the movies.

The famous clown That is the perfect costume to wear this Halloween the most father is that there are a thousand ways to interpret it

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Last year was Eleven and Mike, this will be Steven and Robin with these amazing and funny costumes that everyone loves.

The paper house is still very fashionable this year, and it can be the perfect costume for a group of friends.

Thanks to the new Tarantino movie, Sharon Tate, the famous actress of the 60s will be one of the perfect costumes for your Halloween party

Sabrina the teenage witch, became an icon for lovers of this date, and dressing up as her is an excellent option.

Another villain that we cannot forget is Malefica, this glamorous woman who will be the perfect costume to look elegant and sexy at the same time

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Another clown that can be a good costume is, the Joker, this movie has stopped talking about and you can make a new version or an old version of it and similarly it will look amazing

If the villains don’t love you, then this superhero is the perfect costume for this Halloween

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Honoring great minds is one of my favorite costumes and this year we say goodbye to a great fashion icon and represent it can be amazing.

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